I apologize... I'm a liar

October 20, 2016


Admitting something so profound can be hard.  But I am coming forth and being honest with myself and my patients. 


How about you?... are you a liar?  Is the ‘worst version’ of yourself a liar? I hope you’re being honest and said yes… Is the ‘best version’ of yourself a liar? Of course not.  I believe we’re very honest and in that perfect world where the ‘best versions’ of ourselves are present there is no dishonesty. 


But the deeper question within my question is who are you lying to?  Other people like family or coworkers OR to yourself??!!!


I’ve been lying to myself for years.  “I don’t need to lose weight – the indentation my jeans make in my waist is normal”.  “I don’t have time to exercise – my day is very busy and I’m tired when I get home.”  Think about all the little things we allow ourselves to give excuses for not doing.  Why?  Because we become comfortable in the lie!  I’ll say that again – (because when I say something profound I don’t want you to miss it).  We become so comfortable in the lie we’re telling ourselves that it’s easier just to keep believing the lie instead of getting real with ourselves. 


The end of the year is coming.  Are you where you expected yourself to be physically and/or financially?  Are you already putting health goals on the back burner because subconsciously they can be there for your ‘New Year’s Resolutions’.  We all know how New Year Resolutions work out… 


Realize you should have some type of URGENCY to your Health goals.  The longer you put something off the worse it becomes.  The more compensation happens within your body.  If you have a Health concern – please don’t put it off one more day.  Live with a sense of urgency and get it checked out. 


I’ll put my time on the line for you.  I’ll check you for free between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  A computerized ‘backbone’ scan (actually measures how much stress is affecting you) and an iPad Picture Posture Analysis (you can see the results).  Completely free given to you on my time – that is how URGENT I WANT YOU TO BE.


Dr. Bob


live well / move well / think well

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