Mapquest (or google maps) directions for life

October 20, 2016


We’re planning our trip to the Outer Banks this June.  This includes most importantly mapping the driving route accounting for construction and traffic.  This also includes planning the best time we should travel because we’ll have young kids that hate the car.  Should we drive through the night or should we drive half way and stay at a hotel… there is so much to plan so we can enjoy our time and most importantly arrive safely. 


So we PLAN.  We aren’t guessing.  We are anticipating both probable and improbable complications and their solutions before they happen. 


Do you see where I’m going with this?  Are you planning your life and most importantly are you planning your health?  If you sit back and let things happen to you, I promise you won’t like what happens.  If you plan exactly what you want in your life, you probably will get exactly what you planned!


Do you want to lose weight but wait until your starving at lunch time to make your food decision?  (NO PLAN)  Or do you make your breakfast the night before and pack your Healthy lunch? (PLAN)


Do think ‘I should go to the gym tomorrow?’ yet don’t pack a bag with exercise clothes? (NO PLAN) Or do you schedule your workout into your day calendar and still go no matter what comes up? (PLAN)


Do you think about getting your daily headaches or low back pain checked out because they seem to be getting more frequent?  Instead you take your daily dose of Advil or Tylenol to mask the symptoms…(NO PLAN)  Or do call a Chiropractor to evaluate how your spine and get it checked early before you spasm? (PLAN)


I plan for NO WEEDS to pop up this year in my flower beds… how do you think that will turn out for me…?


First make a plan – then ask experts for help – then take action!  This will move you toward an active healthy life.


Yours in health,


Dr. Bob


live well / move well / think well


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