You'll shoot your eye out kid!

October 20, 2016


So I began CrossFitting about two and a half years ago.  Whenever you tell someone that you’re CrossFitting their usual response is “oh my god that is so dangerous!  I know soooo many people who got injured doing that”.  And my experience was no different.  My sister even knew someone who died doing it – GULP!!


I joked with the coach at CrossFit that Chiropractic and CrossFit have a lot in common.  The usual response when someone starts Chiropractic is “Oh I know someone who got hurt seeing a chiropractor” “my Uncle’s second cousin’s roommate from college was killed by a chiropractor”. 

Well, it happened.  I am self-admitting “out of shape” – even though I argue that a pear is a shape!  And in the process of doing hard workouts my hips and hamstrings do not have the mobility they need.  And I hurt my back.  GASP – they were all right! You’ll shoot your eye out kid!!


I actually started to believe them.  Maybe it is too dangerous for me.  Maybe it is unsafe.  Then it hit me.  This is what my patients hear.  This is the misinformation they are bombarded with.  I stopped my stinking thinking and self-reflected.  My body is different than everyone else.  Maybe it is MY issue that is causing this pain and not the exercise itself.  Maybe this is something I have to work through in order to have more mobility and more strength. 


But without a doubt the deepest conclusion I came to was that I constantly have to keep educating new patients about the process of becoming Healthy again.  For some it will be easy.  For most it will be a process filled with up’s and down’s and struggles that feel like you’ll never make it.  I’ve seen amazing successes that only happened because the patient didn’t give up in the early part of care.  Chiropractic and CrossFit are just like most professions - you have some that are good and some that are bad.  You have to judge each individually and realize there can be drastic differences within the same disciplines.  I’ve heard horror stories from patients about their experiences with other chiropractors and how thankful they are that they found me because I’m totally different.  What if they generalized all Chiropractors based on one bad one!?  The same is true with personal trainers and gyms – especially with hard workouts like CrossFit.  What if the one gym or trainer or coach was not the best?  Do you stop working out completely…? Of course not.  I can vouch for CTown Crossfit in Fairview Park.  Having a Doctorate in Chiropractic and former Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist I know the mechanics of the human body.  CTown is thorough and skilled and really know their craft!  And I invite everyone reading this to join me there for a workout.


Yours in Health,


Dr. Bob


live well / move well / think well

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