What if chiropractic improved more than just back and neck pain...?

January 27, 2017


Without a doubt the top motivating factor of patients to my office for care is some type of pain or symptom.  95% of those patients receive the pain relief they wanted and continue through the strengthening phase.  After that 50% don’t continue with Wellness Care and return to the rigors of their stressful life. 


Of course you know what happens.  The stress that got them in trouble is the same stress they return to – work, life, diet, etc… My hope is that they return knowing I can once again “fix” them. 

The most common thing I hear them say is “I just felt so good when I was getting regular Chiropractic treatments – maybe I should just keep consistent with them this time!” 


Let me show you why people “feel” so much better when under chiropractic. 


Recent studies have shown that chiropractic can alter immune function, affect heart rate, and even reduce blood pressure. A 2011 study from Japan suggests that chiropractic may have an even bigger impact on your body than you think.


Stress is an incredibly important indicator of health, and if there’s one thing that will kick your immune system into overdrive, it’s chronic spinal pain. Scientists in Japan sought to see whether chiropractic could alter stress levels in 12 men and women with neck pain. To understand how chiropractic impacts anxious emotions, you could ask patients to report their changing moods before and after treatment. But scientists in Japan wanted to get a more objective picture of how chiropractic adjustments impact the nervous system, so they use PET scans to monitor brain activity and saliva samples to track hormone changes.


After receiving a chiropractic neck adjustment, patients had altered brain activity in the parts of the brain responsible for pain processing and stress reactions. They also had significantly reduced cortisol levels, indicating decreased stress. Participants also reported lower pain scores and a better quality of life after treatment.


As scientists learn more about the human body and the role of the nervous system, it’s clear that chiropractic can play a powerful role in promoting true wellness, rather than just symptom relief.

WOW….it is crazy to think the world believes we are just here to help back pain and neck cricks.


I’ve save the best stories for last…


There are 2 stories dating back to Chiropractic’s infancy that illustrate the power of Chiropractic on the brain. In the 1920‘s and 1930‘s, public health officials and legislative bodies began to recognize that people under chiropractic care often had improvement of symptoms or conditions not considered to be musculoskeletal in origin. So much so they began to document improvement of brain function in mentally ill patients under chiropractic care.


In 1931, for example, the Kentucky House of Reform presented a series of 244 adolescent boys who were incarcerated by the State because of criminal or behavioral problems. Their report documents that almost 100% had shown improvement in conduct, and 144 of the 244 patients had been paroled since they began receiving Chiropractic treatment.


Another example was legal briefs presented to the North Dakota Legislature by Judge A.W. Ponath in 1935. Judge Ponath was the County Judge for Richland County, North Dakota. Judge Ponath’s briefs presented 44 cases where mentally ill patients were treated with Chiropractic care in the Jamestown State Insane Asylum. Twenty-seven of the 44 cases were either cured or sufficiently recovered so that they can remain at home and resume their former responsibilities (61%). Judge Ponath made it known that the majority of these patients had already spent a large amount of time in asylums or sanatoriums and most were declared “incurable” by medical authorities. Ponath also noted that most of these types of patients are doomed to an asylum for life.


Chiropractic is awesome! Share this with everyone in your community!  


It is important to note that nowhere in here did we talk about Chiropractic attempting to treat or cure any condition or symptom. Those were results described by a layperson. Our culture is accustomed to a diagnosis and pills or surgeries for cure. The body does not work like that. To get the best results in healthcare, we must focus more on improving health and not just treating symptoms. Chiropractic removes interference to allow better expression of health and life.


Yours in Health,

Dr. Bob

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