Wait...what do you mean I don't heal as fast at 44 years old?!

January 25, 2018

Waiting for my body to heal really sucks….


I had pain.  Serious pain.  I couldn’t even walk down the stairs the normal way – you know one foot after the other.  The only way I could walk down stairs was with my left foot only.  So one step at a time – it took me forever. I looked and felt like a 90 year old.  And that may be offensive to a 90 year old because they probably walked better than me.  I was just doing my normal workouts… trying to stay in shape (or trying to change my shape from a pear to more of a straw). 


The orthopedic surgeon said I didn’t need surgery (thank you God) but that I needed to rest it for 6-9 months.  Now I know I tell my patients all the time that the true healing will take 6-9 months.  But I hardly ever say you have to rest it for that same time.  I want you active to help the healing process.  But I see it in your eyes.  The disbelief that it will truly take that amount of time.  I had the same look!  C’mon doctor ortho dude – that may take other people that amount of time to heal but not me.  I heal super duper fast.  I remember when I was 19 and sprained my ankle – it took all of 2 weeks to be completely gone.  Wait – do you mean I don’t heal as fast at 44 as I did when I was 19.  But still – my body always has healed fast.  Wait – you mean the laws of human anatomy will always apply to me – kind of like gravity even though I can’t see gravity??


So I rested… kind of… I stopped any aggressive workouts but still tried to keep mobility.  And I waited… and waited… and after 3 months I was SO FRUSTRATED! I waited 3 months! Why isn’t it fixed and back to normal?!?! Oh that’s right – you said 6-9 months.  But I really thought that those laws of human anatomy wouldn’t apply to me… I’m special! 


So I rested more… even less movement… and started to feel the effects of sedentary lifestyle.  Don’t ever forget exercise does so much for the mind and spirit as well as the health of the body.  But I committed to the process to get it completely healed. 


I’m proud to report at month 6 I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel!  I regained almost full range of motion and significantly less pain.  I still didn’t rush into any running or squats or anything too strenuous because he said 6-9 months – not just 6 months.  I’m committed to COMPLETE healing – not a seesaw of pain and rest.  I want to be 100% every day.


And here we are at month number 11 post injury and I got it! I got it back!  I ran last week at Orange Theory and NO PAIN.  I did Crossfit the week prior to that and NO PAIN!  It feels good to be active again.


How about you? Would you do what it takes to allow your body to completely heal so that you can be 100%?  Or do you believe that the laws of human anatomy do not exist in your body?





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